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Livintis gets 4X conversions in Apple Search Ads
“SplitMetrics Agency deep understanding about ASA, and constant campaign optimization techniques helped us achieve excellent results. Their communication skills are also fantastic.”
Ritvik M.
Managing Director at Livintis
Ciliz improved the conversion rate by 19% with icon optimization
“We discovered that the SplitMetrics platform is the best possible option. This is an important tool for out-of-store A/B testing experiments that helps us optimize our app listing without risking to drop the conversion rate.”
Anton Belyaev
CEO at Ciliz

Top mobile apps and games of our customers

Messenger: Chats & Calls by Viber
Language Learning App by italki
HIIT Fitness Coach by Freeletics
Running Slimkit
Running Slimkit
Run Tracker & Fitness Trainer by Verv
Deep Town
Deep Town
Mining Idle Tycoon by RockBite
Investment Tracker
by Opus Labs
Language Learning
by HelloTalk
Colage Maker
Collage Maker
by Livintis
Memes For You
by Turing Complete Inc.
my scanner app
My Scanner App
by Livintis
Cars to Buy & Sell by Auto Trader
Full-cycle app marketing

Ultimate App Growth Suite

Drive your app's success with our all-in-one solution, featuring ASO, paid UA, and design services, to increase organic growth, boost installs, and captivate your audience.
  • Obtain comprehensive growth strategy
  • Get high-converting video & static assets
  • Surpass your KPIs & maximize ROI
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Grow organically

ASO Turnkey

Let our ASO team grow conversions & installs and bring your app to the top 5 in organic ranking with SplitMetrics Optimize platform driving ongoing apps store optimization.
  • Boost organic growth
    Get all your app page elements, visuals & keyword metadata A/B tested and optimized for growth & scaling.
  • See the traffic quality improvement
    Test with a minimal asset of design, visuals, and go-to-market messages, before deciding on costly rebranding.
  • Experience revenue growth
    We’ll work to decrease CPI for organic and paid traffic and raise the in-app purchases’ revenue.
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Scale incrementally

Fully-managed Apple Search Ads

Get more iOS app installs, cut costs, and hit KPIs with our skilled UA team and advanced solutions of SplitMetrics Acquire platform optimizing your Apple Search Ads account and growing ROAS.
  • Get a head start
    We’ll create a KPI-oriented strategy, relevant keyword list, custom product pages, and a new account structure.
  • See your account scaling
    We’ll spot the opportunities to increase your market share and optimize the account for the new storefronts.
  • Eliminate control routine
    We’ll track performance metrics and optimize bids to ensure growth within your business KPIs and industry benchmarks.
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Drive conversions

Custom Product Pages Hypotheses and Design

Get up to 35 custom-designed and developed product pages to grow your app’s reach, drive downloads and scale ROAS cost-effectively within Apple Search Ads and new ad placements.
  • Craft the most lucrative strategy
    Get our dedicated team to audit your product, audience & competitor research to ensure a perfect go-to-market.
  • Empower your team with insights
    Get references, recommendations and technical assignments for your independent work.
  • Delegate all manual job
    Outsource your custom product page creation from hypotheses to full design and launch to our team of experts and designers.
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Boost Reach

Multichannel Ad Service

Multiply your app reach and ROAS by engaging the cross-functional team of experts to scale your UA across all major paid channels through design, A/B testing & ad campaign optimization.
  • Navigate with a KPI-oriented strategy
    Get a custom-tailored multichannel ad strategy from our UA experts to drive conversions at the lowest CPA.
  • Scale within one or multiple channels
    Meet your goals with an optimal channel mix, including Apple Search Ads, Google Ads, Paid Social (Meta, TikTok) & Unity Ads.
  • Leverage constant creative optimization
    Improve campaign performance with high-impact video & static creatives, ecouraging users to tap and download your app.
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Look Unique

Design Studio

Entrust our skilled Design team with your app store optimization and user acquisition creative assets – from ideation to design – and stand out on crowded marketplaces.
  • Increase reach with high-converting visuals
    Optimize your campaign performance with new static & video ad assets to engage your target audience.
  • Optimize app's product page elements
    Obtain best-practice icons, preview videos, and screenshots for your Google Play and the App Store product page.
  • Test new hypotheses to hit your KPIs
    Boost CR and ROI by optimizing your app store assets and UA performance with ongoing creative hypothesis generation & testing.
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SplitMetrics Agency supports every stage of your app’s lifecycle

Take a head start with all elements ready for a fast growth with go-to-market strategy, keywords and metadata, and app visuals prepared.
Soft launch
Grow organic installs with app page optimization, improve CVR and boost paid traffic of Apple Search Ads, Facebook, Instagram & TikTok ad optimization services.
Win the competition and expand your app for the new markets with metadata optimization, paid ad scalable campaigns, and engaging creatives.

Our tools and technology partners

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Grow with a dedicated team

Drive your mobile app business from pre-launch to scaling and increase your own expertise with a skilled & technology-driven extension to your team providing a transparent and incremental growth.

  • 4X growth
    in App Store & Google Play organic downloads
  • 300 % CPG
    decrease for in-app monetized events
  • 200% revenue
    increase maintaining a positive ROI
  • Get to top-5
    in ranking for certain groups of keywords
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