State of AI in Mobile Marketing

Discover AI’s transformative role in mobile app marketing and learn how this technology is reshaping competitive research, ASO, and user acquisition strategies.

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Max Kamenkov, CEO at SplitMetrics

In the dynamic realm of app marketplaces, we’ve seen intense competition, rapid evolutions, and the ever-present shade of uncertainty. Amidst these challenges, app marketers must embody a mix of innovation, foresight, and creativity.

AI is not just a tool—it’s a catalyst that empowers marketers to achieve more in less time, with fewer resources. The coming years will see businesses transforming into AI-based ones, just like it was before with on-premise and Cloud/SaaS companies. This report is our beacon for app marketers to harness AI’s potential, drawing inspiration and gleaning insights from real-world successes.

At SplitMetrics, our commitment is unwavering: we craft intelligent solutions and services that unlock the new levels of app growth, turning vision into successful businesses.

Max Kamenkov
CEO at SplitMetrics

What’s Inside?

SplitMetrics has undertaken this comprehensive market research to equip mobile app marketers with:

  • A holistic overview of AI’s present status within mobile marketing, highlighting the current technology trends, advantages, limitations, and legal considerations.
  • Real-world examples of how AI is being used to improve competitive research, App Store Optimization, and user acquisition strategies.
  • A collection of 100 reliable prompts for language learning models, complemented by examples of powerful AI-driven solutions and methods to harness them.
  • Transformative insights, forward-looking predictions, and strategic advice from leading minds in the mobile marketing industry.
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