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Unlock the Apple Search Ads potential

with AI-based platform, competitor insights,
and a dedicated team
Data control
Manage ads.
Not Excel tables
Attribute 100% of data in one Ads Manager dashboard without copy-pasting endless tables.
AI algorithms
Invest time in strategic tasks. Not routine
Hit ROAS & join top ad spenders who’ve automated 95% of optimization with AI algorithms.
Navigate with insights.
Not gut-instinct
Know how you share the market with competitors, optimize costs in one dashboard, and scale.
Team support
Don’t make it all alone. Get support at every step.
Get 5+ experts to audit, onboard, and forearm your team with expertise and insights.
FxPro cuts CPA for conversions by 55%
“We have everything we need – all statistics, including conversions / CPA. We can manage bids and budgets, we can create the rules for automatization, which really helps and saves a lot of time.”
Victoria Rodkina
Marketing PPC Team Lead at FxPro Group
InnoGames improves generated profit by 22.5%
“Now we are able to create and optimize more campaigns at the same time and do more tests without losing the overview or risking overspending on poorly performing elements.”
André Ziller
Online Marketing Manager SEA
Yousician grew Trials x1.5 and decreased Cost per Trial by 40% in a year
“Working with SplitMetrics has always been a pleasure. The team is professional and has helped us achieve our goals. They understand our needs and have always given us countless innovative ideas to solve our problems. I couldn’t be more pleased.”
Victoria Chan
Lead Growth Marketing Manager at Yousician

See your account data transparently

Surpass the limitations of the iOS-15 era and see your full funnel transparently on SplitMetrics Acquire platform. Be prepared to optimize at a moment's notice: attribute, unify, see beyond the target metrics, move them up & to the right, and accelerate ROAS.

Full-funnel view

Bridge the gap between dynamic data in Apple Search Ads and your MMP. See what brings real profit and optimize what’s not - all in one dashboard.

Control over your data

  • Get a transparent view of each keyword and activity facet easily with a built-in no-code MMP integration
  • Take advantage of the attribution data integrity, including SDK level
  • Attribute custom data from your internal BI for any date range
  • Trust your data with ongoing accuracy double-check by our proactive support team

Insightful Reporting

  • Piece together all the campaign and keyword data formats with one Ads Manager dashboard
  • Make better decisions when seeing the key actual & cohort metrics at any level: from campaign to the keyword’s drilldown
  • Create funnels with micro-conversions of in-app events, set as your target goal, control budget changes and grow ROAS
  • Tailor reporting with custom formulas and columns of standard or custom metrics and vizualize in charts

Automate and scale

Overcome the time & workforce limitations of manual account housekeeping and cut overheads of 10+ UA managers. Delegate tedious tasks to a 24/7-autopilot, scale account of any size to save time for strategizing.


  • Respond proactively to any spikes, gaps, or budget limits in the auction: use 200+ automation rules or get custom alerts
  • Use different bidding strategies: control the low- and bid up the high-performing keywords
  • Evaluate your performance strategy: check how each rule affected in the automation rules log

Bulk management

  • Quickly filter and optimize in a snap at any level: from keywords to campaigns and automation rules
  • Expand your app for new storefronts in 3 clicks with campaigns and ad groups bulk duplication and editing
  • Manage 10 or 100 same easily. Upload lists, move across ad groups, change match type, increase bids or pause

Maximize ad campaign performance with Bid Optimization Strategy

Force multipliers for UA managers: smart bidding algorithms enable multi-factor optimization and incremental growth.
Portfolio coverage
Manage a centralized bidding strategy, apply Bid Strategy to ROAS or CPA goals for any set of campaigns.
Effective algorithm
Maximize campaign optimization with an algorithm covering most keywords, boosting high-potential ones.
Custom strategy fine-tuning
Adjust Bid Strategy to your needs - manage KPI settings, bidding aggressiveness, adjustment limits.
Predictive keyword performance
Get accurate bid predictions based on the whole portfolio performance history.
Transparent bidding
Make informed decisions - get detailed data on bid adjustments, estimated target value, and suggested actions.
Automate essential yet routine tasks and free up time for creative aspects and high-level strategic objectives.

Get actionable insights and hit your KPIs

65% of marketers lack a reliable ROI instrument. Use our insightful solutions to know your market positions, automatically optimize bids to your downstream metrics 24/7, and grow ROAS.

Smart Suggestions

  • Stay within your business’s KPIs by optimizing towards your ROAS/CPA as your goal
  • Improve your bidding strategy with aggregated recommendations from Apple and our AI algorithms
  • React to market changes automatically with an error-free 24/7- solution instead of manual weekly management


  • Track your Share of Voice for each keyword, spot slack capacity and change bids in one dashboard
  • Know the competitive landscape by monitoring your top-10 competitors’ SoV for every keyword
  • Spot new opportunities for incremental scaling with keyword Search Popularity rank
  • Track your Apple Search Ads campaigns effect on the app’s position with Organic Ranking

Custom Product Page Development

Get insights on custom product pages in SplitMetrics Acquire. Engage SplitMetrics Agency to develop hypotheses and design custom product pages for you.
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Dedicated team

Facing challenges due to the lack of resources and expertise in Apple Search Ads? SplitMetrics Acquire provides you with a certified cross-functional team working with your account and raising your expertise.

  • Stay up to date with our strong focus and Apple Search Ads partnership
  • Get 24/7 team support with onboarding, account audit, setup, and strategic planning
  • Get a priority access to industry insights, best practices, and benchmarks
  • Take extra advantage of SplitMetrics Agency ASO and UA services
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