Apple Search Ads Search Results Benchmarks Report

Get average CPT, CPA, TTR & CR for Apple Search Ads search results campaigns – overall, by categories & by markets.

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Apple Search Ads Search Results Benchmarks Report
Thomas Petit, Growth Consultant
As Apple Search Ads reaches a maturity stage, SplitMetrics Benchmarks Report over long periods of time helps understand the trends in inventory prices and user behavior. That's particularly the case zooming on specific verticals. The 2022 cases of Finance, Entertainment or Food & Drinks are particularly revealing
Thomas Petit, Growth Consultant

What’s Inside?

We analyzed 15 App Store categories and 61 markets to deliver average cost and conversion metrics for Apple Search Ads search results campaigns:

  • TTR, CR, CPT and CPA for the most popular app categories
  • Statistics across Apple Search Ads countries & regions (CPT, CPA, TTR, CR)
  • Cost trends: CPT and CPA overall trends, trends for top app categories and most popular Apple Search Ads markets
  • Quarter-over-quarter changes in TTR, CR, CPT and CPA
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Babbel scaled Apple Search Ads with SplitMetrics
“I’ve found SplitMetrics Acquire to be the most user-friendly and reliable tool to manage Apple Search Ads campaigns, save time and enhance the whole process via elaborate automation rules. The SplitMetrics Acquire team listen attentively to feedback and continuously improve the product to stay on the cutting edge.”
Sylvain Gauchet
Sylvain Gauchet
Senior Manager, Growth & Mobile Marketing at Babbel
Spark Networks reduces CPA & increases ROAS with SplitMetrics
“Automated rules saved us a great amount of time for the optimization of our Apple Search Ads campaigns. Thanks to the rules, we were able to decrease the CPAs, have an uplift of ROAS and increase the volume. SplitMetrics Acquire made our lives easier when it comes to pushing for more volume and optimizing the ROAS and CPAs.”
Ceyhun Kilinc
Ceyhun Kilinc
Performance Marketing Manager at Spark Networks
Aged Studio increases install rate by 27% with SplitMetrics
“The main secret to increasing efficiency and scaling with Apple Search Ads is to build the correct campaign structure, expand keywords and use automatic rules. SplitMetrics Acquire helps with all of this. Also, their patient training for users and smooth communication ensures that we take the most of both SplitMetrics Acquire and Apple Search Ads.”
Sinz Yang
UA manager at Aged Studio
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