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9 Lessons
Professional Exam for Search Ads

Course Lessons

Lesson 1
Apple Search Ads Essentials: How to Start
Lesson 2
Apple Search Ads: Dashboard Overview
Lesson 3
Apple Search Ads Metrics and KPIs to Track
Lesson 4
Apple Search Ads Keyword Expansion
Lesson 5
Adding Keywords with Discovery Campaign
Lesson 6
Semantics-Based Account Structure
Lesson 7
Value-Based Account Structure
Lesson 8
How to Optimize Performance in Apple Search Ads
Lesson 9
Managing Apple Search Ads with SplitMetrics Acquire

What’s Inside?

Apple Search Ads Course is based on years of hands-on practice with Search Ads management and optimization for over 400 app publishers and $130M of ad spend. You will learn:

  • Why Apple Search Ads should be considered as a priority UA channel
  • How to craft a transparent and scalable ad account structure
  • Strategies for effective budget management and bid optimization
  • How to optimize CPA, ROI and other vital ad performance metrics
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Thomas Petit
Thomas Petit
Mobile Growth Expert

This course by SearchAdsHQ is among the best resources on Apple Search Ads and I found myself sharing it to many app developers to get them up to speed on the channel.

The course details all the levers of the platform auction, and explains well how to analyze data & what to change to optimize campaigns. I found it relevant both for beginners getting started and advanced practitionners. And it’s free! Definitely recommending it.

Venkat Bugga
Venkat Bugga
User Acquisition Manager at Mimo

The course helped to get a better understanding of calculating our Goals.

I would recommend this to folks who are about to start advertising on ASA, as unfortunately, we don’t have many well-structured courses out there.

Anna Wrede
Anna Wrede
Mobile Marketing Manager at Stocard

The course is great for beginners and more advanced marketers alike!

Each of the detailed and well-crafted lessons covers a different topic that help you advance your ASA strategy. It helped us to take our efforts to the next level and we’d totally recommend it!

Carolina Bertini
Carolina Bertini
Digital Marketing Manager at WhatWapp

First of all, your course is far more explicative than the Apple Search Ads documentation, even further to the basics.

The real plus is the suggestions and the strategies you propose to find keywords and to structure the account: something I’ve not found in the Apple Search documentation.

You’ve made an incredible job.

Michael Shubin
Michael Shubin
Ex-Head of Mobile Marketing at ABBYY

The first thing I like is that this course actually exists! I’m sure there’s a lack of Search Ads-related insights, guides, and best practices. This course is changing that.

IMO, the course covers almost all theory which is needed to start practicing with Apple Search Ads. It’s great for both onboarding new members of ASA teams, and to improve the skills of managers.

Gennadiy Plyatner
Gennadiy Plyatner
User Acquisition Manager at Wowmaking

If you want to be an expert in ASA — this course is for you! The course is divided into logical sections that contain only practical and useful information. “Take it and do it.” We got a clear account structure. It is easy to manage, it is easy to scale to other countries and conduct any experiments. Often the ASA appears in paid courses, but the information is given only partially. This course is free and gives you much more knowledge.

Kayla Khor
Kayla Khor
Senior Specialist, Performance Marketing at SearchGuru

I’m glad that I took the course & certification by SearchAdsHQ, It has leveled up my proffeciency in providing strategic suggestions and optimising existing ASA campaigns on behalf of my clients.

Gonzalo Santamarina
Gonzalo Santamarina
Marketing Manager at Skyscanner

The course is really good and complete! It shows all the best practices and tactics. And I really like that at the end of this course I can check my knowledge in Apple Search Ads and get a certificate!

Tom Borovskis
Tom Borovskis
Business Development at Nekki

The Apple Search Ads course from SearchAdsHQ was a great opportunity for me to get to know the intricacies of campaign management for Apple Search Ads. Since Apple only offers a few options for ad campaign optimization, it is all the more important to be able to work effectively with structured keyword lists. The semantic-based approach, which I learned in SearchAdsHQ ASA course, I am now successfully using in our Appstore advertising campaign for Shadow Fight 3. Great course, thank you!

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