ASO Benchmarks & Trends. Mobile Games

ASO Benchmarks & Trends 2020. Mobile Games

Get the latest insights into App Store Optimization for mobile games. Check major ASO benchmarks (Conversion Rate, Average time on page, Scroll Depth, etc.) on the App Store & Google Play. Learn & keep up with ASO trends for mobile games genres – Puzzle, Role-Playing, Cards, Casino & Strategy – and boost your game page conversion.

Data behind the report

70 million+
tracked app store users
A/B experiments
25 categories
analyzed in major app stores

What’s Inside?

“ASO Benchmarks & Trends 2020. Mobile Games“ is based on the aggregated behavior data of 70 million app store users tracked during A/B experiments on SplitMetrics Optimize.

For the first part of the report, we’ve analyzed over 13,000 A/B experiments & 25 categories to provide you with fresh ASO Benchmarks for the App Store & Google Play:

  • Conversion Rate & Engagement Rate
  • Average time on page
  • Scroll depth
  • Time before action, etc.

See how the metrics changed compared to 2019 & learn what it means for mobile games publishers & ASO.

In the second part of the report, we share trends for specific categories – Puzzle, Role-Playing, Cards, Casino & Strategy – along with key recommendations for mobile games on best ideas for visuals & titles, which will boost conversion & installs.

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