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10 Most Advanced Submarines - 10 World's Best Submarines

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  • Release Date: 31 Des 2018
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In this video 10 most advanced , sophisticated and best attack submarines have been listed and documented. This world’s best submarines list is not based on size but on specifications especially on the bases of stealth features.
Specifications of 10 best submarines also have been presented in this video such as submarines ‘speed, weapons carrying capacity, size, weight, cost and thrust power

10 most advanced and best attack nuclear submarines list
Seawolf class (USA)
Virginia class (USA)
Astute class (United Kingdom)
Graney class (Russia)
Sierra II class (Russia)
Improved Los Angeles class (USA)
Akula class (Russia)
Soryu class (Japan)
Ohio class (USA)
Oscar II class (Russia)

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