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Future Ducks of London - Why Psytrance has Become Shit


  • Release Date: 27 Mei 2013
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Another transmission from the future from The Future Ducks of London, this time sent from 2128. Does this mean that there is no future for psytrance? What shall we all do? Do you have a solution? Can we change the future?


Added after 16 hours of posting: Hey everyone- don't forget to smile, and yes, it's also cool to think about things. But really no need to get too worked up. Everything done from love.


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LOUD are one of the hottest and most interesting groups in the world trance scene today. Kobi Toledano and Eitan Reiter have been producing high quality and original electonic music together since 2006, blending old school roots with cutting-edge fresh new sound. Refusing to adhere to fashions and formulas they have been paving their own road in the world of Psychedelic Trance (Psytrance or Goa Trance) with their own special musical say. They have been performing in the biggest music festivals and raves world wide. . .
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