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Music is a way of life. Samsung Galaxy S Wifi MP3 Players


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The Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi is a multimedia player equipped with a 5-inch screen. There is no comparing other MP3 players to the Galaxy S Wi-Fi. It delivers a lifestyle rich with music, video, games, Gmail services, Google Maps, Google voice search and loads more. It can also enhance your daily routine with loads of applications from the Android Market and Samsung Apps, Enjoy social network services, like Twitter or Facebook, as well as free voice and video calls over the internet. The Samsung Galaxy S is a mobile experience that truly sets you free.

Android Platform

The Galaxy S WiFi features the open Android platform. Extend your performance with numerous applications from the Android Market and Samsung Apps. Plus, once you download various game applications from Android Market, you can experience the amazing performance of the 5-inch display.

Samsung Apps

Samsung Apps allows you easily download applications that were developed exclusively for the Galaxy S WiFi. Enjoy various applications for games, news, dictionaries, education, or social network services. It's a wonderland of exciting applications.

The Galaxy S WiFi plays any type of audio and video file with hassle-free operation GMS: Versatile Google mobile service

The Galaxy S WiFi features bundled Google services, so that you can easily run Google voice searches, Google search, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Talk and more.

Google Search By Voice - Touch the microphone button next to the Google search box and speak keywords for quick and convenient searching.

Google Search - Enter keywords to find images, news, videos and more.

Google Maps - Find your current location and view maps with the embedded GPS when connected to a wireless network.

Gmail - Read, compose, and reply to messages with Gmail.

YouTube - Upload videos or view millions of user-created videos with the Galaxy S WiFi.

Google Talk - Make a video call, chat online or received notifications of new-messages in the notification window.

5 Inch Display

The 5-inch (12.7cm) display allows you browse full web pages and read small text without resizing the screen. The Galaxy S WiFi supports various video formats (DivX, Xvid, H.263, Ogg, MPEG4, Flac). It also delivers an impressive viewing experience on the large screen.

Internet calls

The Qik application, which can be shared over social network services, allows you make free video and voice calls. The Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 is optimised for the best Internet calling experience.


SoundAlive is Samsung's own audio signal post-processing technology to optimize sound performance. SoundAlive make MP3s come alive with spacious sound, deep bass, enhanced tone articulation, and improved clarity.

SoundAlive is the special acoustic field effect engine that enables you to listen to precisely tuned sound. With the improved range of digital sounds, and deeply richened low frequency sounds, you'll be surprised with the amazing sound quality. You can fine tune the sound in detail with 6 different presets EQ and the user defined EQ settings (User EQ).

SoundAlive maximises the performance of Samsung mobile devices for real sound quality via Samsung Audio Signal Post Processing technologies, including 3D effiects, reinforced low-tones, optimised tone clarity and more. Feel like you're in a real theatre with the Virtualizer feature that turns a 2-channel sound source into a 360-degree, 3D experience.

Experience more audio with SoundAlive
SoundAlive creates audio the way it was meant to be. Experience and enjoy a new world of deeper bass and greater tone articulation.

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